Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Gold Report v1

Welcome to the monthly segment where I get candid into the ins and outs of my evil empire...

Once upon a time this blog was built using WordPress. Primarily my posts consisted of weekly gold reports, those sort of went off the rails pretty quickly as I found myself wanting to devote more time to other topics. And now that I'm back again and since gold is such an important part of my eLife, I decided to begin the gold report anew, however I want to establish from the beginning that I will be doing this initially on a monthly basis. Later, after I establish a solid nest egg (the 1 million gold cap), I will likely move to a quarterly release schedule for these gold updates as frankly things don't change that much in such short intervals once I'm firmly established in my markets...

Currently my Priest is 95, Rogue is 93, and Shaman is 92 all other characters are 100. I've also started a second Hunter on another Account who's already 92. Eventually my goal is to have a full 5 box team again, this time Tank, 3 Hunters, and Shaman heals. The Shaman in question is 80 and rested, another Hunter is also ready to go though he's a bit lower at 70. Both of the remaining Hunters and the Shaman will be getting boosted to 90 from the WoD activation of their respective accounts, but I'm holding off for the moment until I can get some hardware upgrades complete on my computer and until of course I finish my full set of 100s on my main account.

With extreme drop in value for Temporal Crystal I've opted to revert back to an earlier base redundancy method whereby I have essentially two of each of the main professions, and redundancy in depth for Tailoring, Enchanting, and Jewelcrafting. That's a complicated way of saying I no longer have Enchanting Huts in all of my Garrisons. Having the secondary Hunter set up with his own Hut simplifies matters tremendously, though really it's not exactly that hard to find a DE hut in Group Finder either, but since I have bank access there as well it's generally speaking easier to just go with old reliable.

Fair question, while it's definitely expedient to disenchanting on tap for all of your characters I've found that the Gem Boutique offers something that the Hut just can't compete with. Each level 2 boutique offers the character a very easy daily that turns some ore into 200g. To be clear, the most you'll ever drop on this daily is 60 Blackrock Ore or True Iron Ore, with a minimum payout of 100g you're looking at roughly 40g for essentially pressing a button. However, I've gotten over 300g from the turn in and some of the dailies require as little as 10 Ore to complete giving you some much better margins on average. Add to this a couple of cut gems per day at over 1k each and yeah, it's definitely profitable.

For those characters that have the building but not the profession (my Druid and Hunter for example), I use the Taladite Crystals they get to craft Epic Rings. Those fetch another 1-2k each, though they don't move quickly.  

As I've become increasingly established I've found my reliance and indeed interest in Tailoring waning rapidly. I'm still making bags, though I just created the final Hexweave Bag for my army of alts, now I'll likely be making a combination of bags, pets, and upgrade items with the tailors from here on. I've likewise been making some Weapons, Pets, and Upgrade items with other professions. Reroll items have been decidedly flat lately, lots of competition there. I've also put the finishing touches on my Scribe. He now has a full set of Burnished Inscription Bags and mounds of glyphs. Today's my first day back in the market and it's going about how I expected, I've made some gold but I'm definitely not going to cap off of glyphs this time around. I'm keeping close tabs on my glyph market gold, next month I intend to have a good set of numbers along with some thoughts on Inscriptions in general. And finally...

As of March 31st I was sitting on 201,449g 71s 44c.

I know, screenshot or it didn't happen...
Not too bad, that's 70k earned for the week. This month had some major ups and downs, Really since I got back in the game my gold figures have been more erratic than Gary Busey in a bumper car. Which is business as usual since WoD released. I scored a BlizzCon Code this month for 35k, along with some other goodies. And I made a bad investment on the Trading Mechanism. Still, I'm pleased. If I can keep the momentum I shouldn't have too long to wait before I'm capped again. If I can just keep the spending in check that is...

Always Be Closing...


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