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I wanted to take a moment to introduce my army of alts, unfortunately it takes more than a moment to list them all. So, we'll start with my main roster of characters. All of these are on Blackhand, most are Goblins. As of this writing 6 are level 100, with the remainder all creeping around 94. Soon I'll be focusing on finishing them out however, I don't expect it to take long. With these being my main set of characters that I play, I decided to take a little extra time figuring out how I wanted them to look, but we'll talk more about that in a minute, for now let's go over the list.

This is my main set of characters, one of each class at level 100. I've decided that I will give each of my characters a bit of an identity, they all have different mounts and transmogs. And of course different titles.

Khaas, Herald of the Titans (Blood / Unholy)
Berstuk, Guardian of Cenarius (Feral Guardian / Balance)
Blixxa Avenger of Hyjal (Beast Mastery / Survival)
Esmer, Master of the Ways (Frost / Arcane)
Futaba of the Four Winds (Brewmaster / Mistdancer)
Serapis the Kingslayer (Protection / Retribution)
Bielevog the Light of Dawn (Holy / Shadow)
Gazmik the Relic Hunter (Combat / Assassination)
Horaxe the Astral Walker (Enhancement / Restoration)
Czernovog of the Nightfall (Destruction / Affliction)
Tarthum the Indomitable (Protection / Fury)

I've decided to start five boxing again, in no small part due to my change in scenery on a new server. But also because of the recent WoW Tokens which make the idea of keeping multiple accounts much more feasible. My basic team centers around a Death Knight tank (Khaas), supported by 3 Hunters and a Shaman for heals. As with the eleven above, I wanted to do something unique with each of these as well, including making all of the hunters different races (Orc, Goblin, and Blood Elf respectively). Each has their own unique mog style, pets, etc.

Grennel the Manslayer
Keraan Gnomebane
Xaenne the Dwarfstalker
Kyuss the Wakener

These guys are a bit of a bonus, first here's Madof. He operates as a trader when I'm on my main account. I use him to scan the AH, etc while I play. Erudian is the keeper of the Glyphs, the guild he runs is entirely for storing bulk Inscription goods. Last, there's Mause, the Rogue who controls a guild made specifically for long term storage needs. During times where I build up stockpiles, you can bet he will be a very busy little Blood Elf.

Madof the Insane <SRS Business>
Erudian, Seeker of Knowledge <Paper Street Soap Co>
Mause the Fearless <Void Storage>

And there you have it, the whole gang as they sit currently. But check back, you never know when the mood might take me, who knows I may decide to make a set of Alliance toons someday...


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