the Trading Post

This page is a record of my earnings, including notable milestones in my gold making empire. The Ledger was created following my move to the Blackhand US server, unfortunately all data from my previous exploits on Bloodscalp US appear to be completely unrecoverable at this time. This page is updated every Tuesday Morning during server maintenance.

Returned to World of Warcraft000,000g 00s 00c11/25/14
The First 100k126,237g 71s 28c1/27/15
Week Two180,265g 61s 7c2/03/15
Equipping the Alts, Stocking the Gbank135,926g 74s 78c2/10/15
Ancient Trading Mechanism & Investments48,577g 12s 57c2/17/15
Back in Business100,654g 13s 68c2/17/15
100k on Heirlooms, plus another 35k on toys...85,002g 73s 73c3/03/15
A good week, and some good deals too!140,540g 84s 69c3/10/15
Some long term investments and a deal that went bad.122,501g 3s 80c3/10/15
Bought a 2014 BlizzCon Code, made more than I spent.133,784g 74s 36c3/23/15

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