Monday, April 13, 2015

Computers, WoW, Warhammer - Oh my!

Time for a Public Service Announcement, wherein I discuss the upcoming plans for the blog...

My computer died last week, you might be wondering how I’m updating if I don’t have a reliable machine, there’s two answers to that. First, there’s the qued posts I’d already been working on prior to the catastrophic failure of compy. Additionally however I had an old laptop laying around (Dell Inspiron 600m, yes it’s old). I installed Linux on the thing and it works for blogging, sort of.

Sadly having more than one window/ tab open at a time is problematic, so fetching screenshots, etc is just not really an option atm. Still, it serves my purposes until I finish building my new computer. I’d already been tinkering with the idea of an upgrade or second machine before this happened, I just had to re prioritize plans to make the new machine happen sooner than originally anticipated.

So what are we looking at for the new machine? Without getting too specific, it’s going to look a bit like this:

AMD Processor
2x ATI Video Cards
SSD boot/programs
TB HD for mass storage
Water Cooling + lots of 120mm fans, and a fan controller
16gigs RAM

Case is a custom Lian Li, I’m still working on it but I imagine I’ll have some pictures of it soon. So where does that leave World of Warcraft?

If not for the computer malfunction I would not be taking a break right now, I had plans and they were interrupted but there’s no point crying about it. I’m going to be keeping my eye on the game, but I have a few ideas and this offers me an interesting opportunity to really flesh them out before I get back into the game again. With the new machine I’ll have the horsepower to start boxing again, and with the new tokens I basically don’t have to pay for anything other than expansions ever again. So it’s definitely much more realistic/attractive a proposition than it was just a month ago.

The general idea at this point is Tank, Hunter, Hunter, Hunter, Shaman (heals). I say tank because I have all five tanking classes maxed out, so I can very realistically play whichever strikes my fancy at any given time. And now for something completely different...

I lost my impetus to do basically anything Warhammer last year, commissions were a big part of the problem. I bit off way more than I could chew without serious assistance, and that’s on me. I’ve spent the past few months making good on clearing that que of unfinished projects with the goal of just getting out from under a mound of work I could not realistically complete. Frankly, it was a bit depressing. So where am I now with the hobby?

I’ve been watching the changes in the game, and it feels like a good time to start thinking about getting involved again. It should be noted however that my involvement with Warhammer is going to be very different this time around. For starters, no commissions. I’m not even going to entertain the idea until I’m satisfied with my own army.

Also, my army is going to take a while to reach a playable level. I’m actually hoping that GW does move the game to round bases, having a little more room between minis would be welcome for hordes of heavily converted followers of Chaos.

I plan to take my time and enjoy building my army, that’s not something I’ve done before strangely. Previously I’ve always built my armies for tournaments, not this time. I’m going to convert every single model in this army, I’m going to spend time painting each and every one. One of the conversions I have planned may take as much as 2-3 months alone, I think it will be worth it to do it right. And I think I’ll be much happier with the results. I’ve got lots of ideas there and I’ll be sharing some of those soon, I’m excited about Warhammer again. But I’m excited about it on my terms. And with that dear readers I leave you...



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