Wednesday, April 15, 2015

6.2 Electric Boogaloo

Welcome to Electric Boogaloo where I not only pull some rad moves on a flat piece of cardboard, but more specifically I break it down with the next World of Warcraft patch...

What is Patch 6.2?
If you're reading this, I'm going to assume you have already read the patch notes available on the official Blizzard blog, if you have not I recommend reading them now before continuing further.

Despite only being available on the PTR for a couple of days at this point there's already a HUGE amount of information available. For those that have spent the past couple of months complaining about a lack of content, this appears to be your patch. A new raid: Hellfire Citadel, the completion of the Legendary Ring quest, and some new dungeon content in the form of Timewalking. There's even things for us filthy casual Garrison dwellers.

6.2 promises a fight with Archimonde, remember him? Remember how we're fighting in an alternate timeline so he's not really dead? Good, there will be other bosses too. I presume they'll also drop pretty items, possibly a title and mount to lust after. Certainly a whole list of achievements to knock out. So far though, the Citadel promises to showcase more of the Demons we know and love from the TBC era of the game, so ready yourself for more of the Purple and Green. It also follows that the new raid instance will be involved in the completion of the Legendary ring.

The new Shipyard offers a new type of mission and presumably some new goalposts for the Garrison, there's not a ton of information available about the new plot just yet but it's a welcome addition for anyone who's been staring at the same Garrison Buildings for months. There has been talk of the potential tie into future content with the new Navy at our disposal, which is tantalizing.

Timewalking is however one of the most interesting features present in the patch, allowing players to que up for tweaked legacy content. It's limited, but that also makes sense starting out, it offers Blizzard a lot of scaleability in terms of future releases. While also allowing players a chance to relive some old content and get relevant rewards in the process.

It's too early to tell, but this expansion is heading toward a timely (excuse the pun) end. Some have put forward the notion that 6.2 will be the final patch, personally I think we'll see 6.3 with a bunch of raiders equipped with legendary rings calling down Captain Planet on the Kraken while the combined forces of the Horde and Alliance navies bombard the thing. A perfect tie into the next expansion, World of Warcraft: Waterworld... Starring Kevin Costner.

We also may never fly again, which really kinda sucks (a lot)...

The reality though is that we may not fly for the remainder of Draenor, however that may change dramatically with the next expansion, who knows. More importantly though, Blizzard seems to be on track to deliver an expansion per year at their current rate (unless they plan to let their playerbase languish in the final chapter of WoD for a full year). They seem currently to be in a new model, where in the future we could see a life cycle like that of Draenor. That is an interesting thought, consider how quickly the content is coming out now. Are we really getting less content overall than previously? I don't think so.  It's being released differently than in the past however. And with Timewalking Blizzard has now gained access to a powerful tool to smooth out the slow points of future expansions.

I'm not sure exactly what's going to happen, but the future of the game looks promising...



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