Friday, December 19, 2014

The Resources Trade

Strange as it may sound, Resources in WoD are a commodity. They're used in your garrison, which is central to your experience in the expansion. And for the Goblins, there's a more profitable use for them...

Earlier I mentioned that I would be continuing to use my army of alts to generate gold in WoD, that indeed I had already started working on them. As of this writing I now have 6 Garrisons active, each generating income. Though there is some overlap in the needs of my various alts there is one building that has proven indispensable in generating revenue, the Trading Post.

It's name alone is enough to make me interested, but there's more than the obvious here. First, the Trading Post allows you to generate extra Resources by trading in materials like Ore, Dust, Furs, etc. Additionally, each day a different Trader NPC will show up offering to exchange items (5 at a time) for Resources. Sometimes this means you can basically generate extra resources for free (get the materials for 20 resources, turn the same number in for a work order and receive 30 resources). But don't bet on things lining up quite so neatly very often.

Below is a list of the various traders and what items they have available, I've highlighted the best deals in bold.

Yula (A) 20 25 20 40 50 25 40
Talgaiir (A) 50 50 25 25 20 40 20
Portanuus (A) 30 30 30 30 30 30 30
Krixel (N) 30 40 50 50 40 20 25
Pyxni (N) 40 20 40 20 40 50 50
Surehide (H) 20 25 20 40 50 25 40
Ribchewer (H) 50 50 25 25 20 40 20
Tai'tasi (H) 30 30 30 30 30 30 30

Note: Traders are marked by faction, there are a total of five possibilities on any given day, for any given faction (3 Alliance, 2 Neutral, 3 Horde).

The big reason I like this so much is that I have a bench full of alts that I honestly don't see myself playing anywhere near as much as my main. I mean, that's what an alt is right? At level 92 (91 with rested XP) they each have access to the Trading Post, and while I'm off farming mounts and mog gear, these guys are generating Garrison Resources. Those resources are basically free materials for my main.

Right now my big focus is on Dust, enchants are making solid bank right now and with multiple enchanters I can burn multiple cooldowns to generate Crystals for high powered enchants. Additionally, they fuel my work orders on my main, generating yet more Crystals. In these first few weeks especially this has been important, and as I invest in more markets (the army is now all on Blackhand) I'll be switching my focus a bit. And that's the best thing about the Trading Post, it allows you to change focus as your needs demand.

This thing is a staple for me, I have this in every Garrison I have right now. I intend to continue this trend as the building is very versatile, you want to focus on building up resource for a new plot? It's there (another good possibility for burning resources on alts, shift those resources to your main). The price of hides and furs has spiked? Gotcha covered. This isn't the only building that is an auto include on my army, but it's definitely the most important. But we'll talk more about that later, for now I've gotta see a man about a thing...


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